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"Those people with stretched ears and tattoos are all bad news."

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Marched to Parliament Hill tonight holding signs that said “Black Teenagers Matter” and “Justice For Ferguson” behind some Black teenage boys holding signs with names of victims, signs that said “Stop Police Brutality”. We lit candles at the Human Rights Monument, then walked to the Hill. When he got there the fucking RCMP gathered quickly to mock us. They laughed at us.

They tried (without legal justification and without cause) to ID our brave organizer.They took out their pens and pads to write down her name. She didn’t budge. She answered clearly to these cops “we are here because of police brutality, holding a vigil for those whose lives are lost”. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to say that to three white cops. Good for her. She handled it. She didn’t give her ID. She read us names of those that have been killed, kept the focus on what we were there for.

This is a tough time. It was good to hug my friends who have been hurting because of this.

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“”Hands up, don’t shoot!” #Ferguson” #mediablackout #ripmikebrown
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This is wild #ferguson #mediablackout

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